What is die spotting press?

Release Date: 12/30/2020 Clicks: 879

A die spotting press is a precision machine tool used in the production and verification of moulds and dies. More specifically, a high accuracy hydraulic die spotting press is used in the final stages of the moulding process, in order to additionally increase the quality and efficiency of production and ensure the dimensional accuracy and precision of blow moulding and injection moulding machines. Some die spotting presses are custom made for specific utilization and can be found in a wide range of frame styles with different optional features like 180° tilting slide, tilting platens, rolling bolsters, servo-controlled slide parallelism control systems and automatic clamping & lifting packages.

SXKH Industry is the world’s leading die spotting press manufacturer. It is the first Chinese corporation of inventing four-pillar type die spotting press, and now SXKH has become one of the most competitive brand in whole industry with highest output value.

SXKH, aiming to satisfy customer’s diversified mold testing needs, always is the best partner of global mold & die maker.

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