Important steps of mold overhaul

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The annual maintenance procedure required for each injection molding position of the mold depends on the different mold cycles. The following are some tips for the maintenance of mold parts, which can be used by each mold user to ensure the effective operation of mold components such as hot runner heaters, guide pin and ejector pin, forming inserts, etc.

1. Check for early-warning signs of rust or moisture in the scattered porosity.

If you find rust or moisture near a hot runner vent, that means internal condensation, or the possibility of a pipe breaking. The moisture can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater.If the machine is not running year-round and needs to be shut down at night or on weekends, the chances of such condensation are increased.

2. Remember to remind the operator not to remove the hot mouth from the gate.

If the operator happens to see a small piece of stainless steel near the die's nozzle, it could be a point nozzle assembly."Cleaning out" what appears to be a hindrance often ruins the hot mouth.In order not to damage the hot mouth, confirm the type of mouth in the hot runner system before taking action and ensure that all operators are trained to recognize the different types of mouth they are exposed to.

3. Mold slide stop button

This should be done once a week for machines that operate year-round.And the end of the year is a good time to give these parts a routine lubrication.

4. Cross-check the resistance of the heater

Cross-check the resistance of the heater.You should have measured the resistance of the heater as soon as you started using it, and the end of the year is the time to measure and compare it again.If the resistance value fluctuates ±10%, it is time to consider replacing the heater to ensure that it does not fail at critical points in the production process.If the initial resistance value has never been measured, measure once and use the resulting value as a reference for future inspection of the heater.

5. Check signs of wear between guide pin and guide sleeve

To find whether there is damage or scratch marks, the mould parts wear and tear is caused due to lack of lubrication if the mark is just emerging, so you can add lubricant to guide pillar and guide sleeve to prolong its life, if have serious wear and tear, that the new parts should be replaced, otherwise, the cavity and core parts may not fit well, which leads to different parts of cavity wall thickness.

6. Check the water flow

Connect a hose at the exit of the waterway and let the water pass through the hose to the bucket.If the water is not clear or colored, rust may occur, and an unobstructed flow means a blockage somewhere.If you find these problems, drill all the pipes again (or clean them whatever method you use most often) to keep them open.Improving the plant's water treatment system could prevent future problems caused by rust and blockage.

7. Clean the ejector pin

After a year, the ejector pin can become dirty due to gas accumulation and membrane impurities. It is recommended to give the ejector pin a good clean with a mold cleaner every 6 to 12 months and then apply a layer of lubricant to the ejector pin to prevent chafing or breakage.

8. Check the radius area of the hot nozzle for fractures

The fracture is caused by loose hardened plastic fragments remaining in the hot nozzle of the machine being held by the cartridge assembly during forward injection.It is also possible that the centerline is not aligned and that these two possibilities should be considered when a fracture is found.

We need to carry out detailed inspection and maintenance, which can not only prevent accidents of mold parts, but also extend the service life of the mold. At present, Die spotting press is the most sure and safe equipment for mold maker to check the butting of mold core and cavity. Except help to conveniently match all mold parts in more comfortable position, spotting-press machine also has ejector system checking, hydraulic slides testing, and wax injection testing function, it is optimal and necessary device for every mold manufacturer to do mold inspection and maintenance in their plants.

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