SXKH Die Spotting Press | Bolster Rotary and Tilting Function Introduction

Release Date: 01/12/2021 Clicks: 1278

Bolster Rotary Function: With the booming development of Die & Mold industry, choosing composite mold & die for manufacturing composite products are the trend now. SXKH Industry pushed out a new type DIE SPOTTING PRESS with rotary electro magnetic bolster to help mold maker, especially for two-color or three-color mold maker to do mold tryout automatically, efficiently and economically.

Bolster Tilting Function: Mold & Die plat staff may take a whole day to bend down for mold repair. It will cause lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation problem if they constantly working in this way. With the bolster and slider tilting function, staff can repair mold in a more comfortable and safer way to guarantee the minimum labor intensity and physical injury to plant workers.

Above function is controlled by Siemens PLC system, and free to set.

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