A good product, coupled with good after-sales service, itself is best marketing strategy

Release Date: 01/15/2021 Clicks: 839

SXKH has been designing and manufacturing peripheral machines of Die & Mold industry to global customer over 18 years. Nowadays our brand has covered over 30 countries and regions including Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Peru, Brazil, Portugal, France, Portugal, USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Germany, etc. With high quality, superior service, and good performance of our machine, SXKH is gaining increasing trust and popularity.

SXKH have a professional after-sales service group, including 8 English-speaking engineers for oversea service. Besides, we also have established good cooperation with our representative in different local countries, who can provide professional suggestion and local service to our customers too.

Besides, SXKH will arrange periodically return and machine maintenance to our customer factories to better understand customer needs, handle the customer complaints, then we will summary and forward all information to our management group and R&D group to figure out a solution and make promotion on the previous bases. We are aiming at meeting customers’ needs and continuously improving and elevating our machine and service in the augmentation of customer’s satisfaction.

Do our best for the customers, not only sale of products,more important is the lifelong service.

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