The critical moment of injection mold – Fitting Mold

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In the mold processing, after the parts are processed, the mold master will finish parts assembly, it includes cavity and core, slide and lifter, insert pin, blade pin and spring etc. Mold master will assembly parts according to the processing of parts, and some need fitting mold, like slide, parting line, shut off, lifter etc.

If the fitting mold work is not done well, the flash problem will follow. Because most of the flash occur in the parting line position of the mold, during the mold fitting period, the design of the closing force, the injection force, the parallelism of the mold and the precision of the parting surface of the mold is very important, which means the efficient and accurate mold fitting has become the top priority for mold production.

The critical moment of injection mold – Fitting Mold

In fact, for the fitting mold, there is a professional mold tryout and precision testing equipment, it is mainly used in the later part of mold production for the fitting of the moving and the stationary parts of mold. Die spotting press is used to clamping mold with required clamping force. Die spotting press can provide enough clamping force to prevent the overflow of products.

Good clamping technology ensures the smooth and rapid opening and closing of the platen in the process of mold closing. Therefore, a good die spotting press needs to meet the following basic requirements:

(1) It can provide enough clamping force, which is the functional requirement of clamping mechanism. Large enough clamping force can ensure the locking of the platen and avoid the opening of the mold under the pressure of the molten material in the mold cavity, which affects the quality of the products.

(2) It can provide sufficient formwork strength and system rigidity, which is the structural requirements of die clamping mechanism. Sufficient formwork strength and system rigidity can ensure that in the process of repeated movement, the clamping parts will not be caused by frequent stress deformation or damage.

(3) It can provide high speed, stable and low noise and other excellent characteristics of the platen movement, which is the performance requirements of the clamping mechanism. High speed means high productivity, stable and low noise means to avoid the fluctuation of the die closing action.

SXKH focused on manufacturing the die spotting press for more than 18 years. SXKH die spotting machine, except the advantage of high precision, high flexibility, easy operation, it also has digital Siemens PLC controlled function, high pressure clamping mold & low pressure mold protection function, reliable failure detection and alarm function, ejector,slides testing function etc.

SXKH Die spotting machine gives the top priority to meet all mold tryout and mold fitting needs of global customers.

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