A Powerful Helper for Heavy Mold Tilting and Mold Maintenance

Release Date: 02/25/2021 Clicks: 805

In the traditional way, mold tilting is conduct via artificial method through crane, forklift etc. They are risky, time-consuming and inefficient. Compared with manual mold turnover method, mold flipper is much better in efficiency, cost-efficient function and safety aspect.

Mold flipper is used to turn big size and heavy weight mold by 90 degree, which could efficiently protect operator from danger and to avoid the harm to the mold and ground during tilting process.

Mold flipper adopts steel plate welding structure, has big overturn capacity, stable performance, less occupied area features. There are electric cabinet and moveable button operation box for operation on the machine. Besides, the table of mold flipper can rest on every position when you turnover the mold.

SXKH has been producing mold flipper for years, and now they are one of the most professional mold flipper manufacturers around the world. They have two type mold flipper, one is 90 degree mold flipper driven by electricity and the other one is 180 degree mold flipper driven by hydraulic cylinder. Both of two type mold flipper could been used to tilt mold, and SXKH can provide customized service according to actual needs.


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