The requirements of mold technology for machine tools

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With the acceleration of the upgrading of consumer products, mold technology is also constantly developing, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the production efficiency and manufacturing quality of mold.

Because the mold is developing in the direction of large-scale, several tons to dozens of tons of mold is very common now. The machine tool table is required to bear large weight, which requires that the equipment must have large load-bearing and high rigidity characteristics, but also must have enough large table size and work stroke to adapt to it. In order to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of the parts, the high speed machine tool of mold manufacturing must have high dynamic and static stiffness, so as to improve the positioning accuracy, tracking accuracy and anti-vibration ability of the machine tool.

The requirements of mold technology for machine tools

As an auxiliary tool of die and mould industry, die spotting machine gains more and more trust of mold manufacturers .

Why die potting press are more and more popular?

Die spotting machine, applied 180°tilting slider, rolling bolster, real time parallelism control system, pheumatic-mechanical lock device,ejector and hydraulic slides testing device, and anti-dropping device etc, is used to do mold tryout and maintenance in mold production facility. Using other equipment like forklift, injection machine to do mold inspection work is time and cost consuming and inefficient. Die spotting machine effectively improves the production efficiency and product quality of the mold, and it can prolong the life of the mold, shorten the mold production cycle, currently, it is the optimal substitute machine for mold tryout and test.

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