Why growing die manufacturers introduce die spotting press machine to their facilities?

Release Date: 03/15/2021 Clicks: 674

Global mold market is developing fast, especially driven by the automotive manufacturing industry and IT manufacturing industry, the development of the mold demand and grade is becoming higher and higher. At the same time, sophisticated mold manufacturing equipment provides a guarantee for the improvement of the mold technology.

In recent years, countless enterprises have bought large die spotting machines to boost the improvement of mold quality and to enhance production efficiency. As a mold testing and fitting equipment, what is the charm so that more and more mold manufacturers to buy it?

SXKH, as a professional die spotting press machine manufacturer found in recent survey: the reason why die spotting machine can be widely utilized in die and mould industry lies on high efficiency of mold matching, high precision mold clamping, as well as the greatly reducing of molding flash problem.

Why growing die manufacturers introduce die spotting press machine to their facilities?

Taking traditional injection molding machine clamping mechanism as an example: Mold matching and fitting work conducted via injection molding machine frequently leads to the molding flash of plastic parts. However, when using the SXKH die spotting press machine, it ensures the stability of clamping work and clamping precision, effectively reduce the molding flash problem. This reduction of molding flash is the positive signal of better mold quality, reduced production cost and more professional mold fitting and matching method in mold manufacturing plants.

At the same time, especially for the large mold fitting work, the use of die spotting machine greatly saves labor, reduces the labor intensity, reduces the risk of mold damage and prolongs the life of the mold. What’s importantly, SXKH die spotting machine can be equipped with quick die change system manufactured by themselves including hydraulic clampers and electro permanent magnetic chuck, which can effectively improve the efficiency of die changing and solve the problem of unsafe die changing process.

More importantly, the die spotting machine can check whether the clamping of various molds is completely finished or not, so that mold manufacturers can easily improve the production capacity of molds to reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle, and enhance products’ core competitiveness.

To sum up, the prevalence and prosperity of die spotting machine in the die and mold industry can be attributed to its strong advantages in saving production cost and labor, ensuring operator’s safety, improving plant’s working efficiency, most importantly, offering more convenient and higher precision mold matching and fitting approach.

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