Electro-permanent magnetic chuck has gradually become the standard equipment in the processing industry

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Electro-permanent magnetic chuck, as the upgrade product of electromagnetic chuck and permanent magnet chuck, has become the standard configuration of high-end machine tools. At present, it is leading a new round of reform in China's machinery manufacturing industry. To some extent, electro permanent magnetic chuck plays an irreplaceable role in improving the professional level of China's manufacturing industry.

Constant electricity of Electro-permanent magnetic chuck in the process of work doesn't needed, avoiding the electromagnetic system in the sudden power outages and the risk of damage of off-line magnetic loss and artifacts from falling. Due to magnetization and demagnetization process of permanent magnetic chuck is in 1-2 seconds to use electricity, work without using any energy and produce safe, strong and efficient power, it is economical and environmental.

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck has gradually become the standard equipment in the processing industry

Because of these advantages of electro-permanent magnet chuck, its usage is also increasingly widened.

1. Machining of metals: Including turning, milling, grinding, drilling, etc., suitable for both ordinary machine tool applications and machining center applications, without changing the original structure of machine tools.

2. Quick mold change: quick mold change for injection molding machine and die spotting machine, etc.

3. Lifting and handling work: For the single sheet steel lifting, automobile, axle, chassis, container and ship manufacturing fields.

4. All kinds of surface grinder such as milling machine, drilling machine, planer, boring machine and other machine tools clamping workpiece.

The demand of electro-permanent magnetic chuck is expanding increasingly, and the production of electro-permanent magnetic chuck is becoming more and more technical intensification. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of electro-permanent magnetic chuck, SXKH has more than 10 years production experience, its electro-permanent magnetic chuck has high accuracy, no thermal deformation and energy saving advantages. It has three types of electro permanent magnetic chuck including ordinary electro-permanent magnetic chuck for CNC Machine, electro-permanent magnetic chuck for injection machine and rotary electro-permanent magnetic chuck.

The electro-permanent magnetic chuck from SXKH can be used with die spotting press which produced by SXKH company themselves, which can help mold enterprises to achieve quick mold change, enhance production efficiency. As a professional equipment manufacturer, SXKH has always been striving for innovation, combining production with application, and its products are also developing into a one-stop solution for better response customers’ needs.

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