SXKH Hydraulic Clamps --Create value and benefit for customers

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Hydraulic clamp is to use hydraulic components instead of mechanical parts, with large clamping force, clamping reliable, stable work, easy to use and other advantages, which is widely used in CNC machine tools, processing centers, automatic production lines, etc.

The first advantage of the hydraulic clamps is that it can save a lot of time in loading and unloading the workpiece. Traditional mechanical clamp requires laborious use of a wrench to screw the nut and move the press plate when unclamping and clamping the workpiece. However, the hydraulic clamps only need to control the oil circuit, it can realize the complete sequence action control of the clamp. Relevant information shows that compared with mechanical clamping, hydraulic clamps save 90%-95% of the time, reduces the production cycle, and increases the output, which means the reduction of production cost.

The second advantage of the hydraulic clamps is high positioning accuracy. The key to positioning accuracy is that the clamping force in the positioning and clamping process remains constant, so as to ensure the consistency of the processing quality under the same process, that is, to improve the accuracy of repetition, effectively reduce the rejection rate caused by deformation.

SXKH Hydraulic Clamps --Create value and benefit for customers

The third advantage of the hydraulic clamps is the most suitable for processing parts placed compactly, to avoid the limitation of manual clamping space, can achieve a number of parts clamping and processing at the same time.

Hydraulic clamps can not only meet the needs of small batch and many varieties of customers, high precision, quick mold change, improve production efficiency, can also meet the production of large quantities of products, to meet the needs of automatic production so that not only improve the efficiency of production, but also improve the quality of production, to create value and benefit for customers.

SXKH hydraulic clamps in similar products has always maintained its own unique characteristics, more than ten years as one day, deep cultivation of technology, has always insisted on the development and innovation in its field, and constantly with customer needs and advanced equipment manufacturers to maintain consistent, learning and understanding of new development requirements and innovative technology.

Compared with similar products, SXKH has a rich experience in the application, design and manufacturing ability. Its clamps can be customized according to customer requirements, satisfying the different demand of production of the customer, in order to suit the actual production conditions of the customers, and make it match with the existing equipment, to meet the needs of the market, at the same time reduce the cost of the clamping and improve the flexibility of clamps.

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