Hydraulic clamps are widely favored in mold manufacturing industry

Release Date: 03/31/2021 Clicks: 698

Mold manufacturing industry has been unremitting efforts to innovate. Meanwhile, they are striving to maintain processing quality while improving productivity. Mold manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to achieve this goal.

Especially in the process of mold processing, it is necessary to clamp the mold embryo with clamps, and then process the mold embryo through the tool. If there is no reliable and effective clamp, the clamping process will cause mold deformation. Hydraulic clamp, as a kind of auxiliary mold clamper with high precision, reliability and flexibility, is favored in the mold manufacturing industry.

SXKH hydraulic clamps is suitable for all kinds of mould (plastic injection mould, stamping mould, die-casting mould, etc.) in the production process of mould quick switching work, and it can greatly shorten the mold change time and is an indispensable ideal equipment for injection molding and die casting manufacturing industry.


Compared with other clamps, SXKH hydraulic clamps have the following advantages:

1) Hydraulic clamp effectively improves the processing accuracy of the product, and realizes the synchronous clamping action of multiple pressing points, whose clamping force can effectively prevent the clamping deformation of the workpiece, so as to improve the mold processing quality.

2) It greatly elevates facilities’ working efficiency, as well as reduces labor intensity by rapid positioning and clamping of the workpiece.

3) PLC communicate intelligently with machine and multi-layer safety interlock to avoid operational lock.

4) When power off or air off, the system self-lock still keep the pressure, in that means the mold won’t fall down.

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