The development trend of die splitter

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Mold is known as the mother of industry. China's die and mould industry has also entered a period of rapid development, die splitter, just like the die spotting press, mold flipper, as the auxiliary equipment of mold manufacturing, has been an essential equipment in the process of die and mould production, die splitter demand continues to increase and the development presents a big trend.

Die splitters on the market at present are mainly based on universal, standardized products, but the requirements of the downstream enterprise diversification, standardization of die splitter has been difficult to meet the actual needs of customers. Therefore, non-standardized and customized personally die splitter machine will gradually become the mainstream of the market, and it is also the key to the differentiation of die splitter production enterprises.

The development trend of die splitter

There are two aspects to the development trend of die splitter industry:

1. Demand for non-standardized and personalized products shows a growing trend.

2. Intelligence, integration and high precision are the development trend of the industry.

What are the favorable factors affecting the development of die splitter machine industry?

1. Support from national macro policies

To support the development of the machine tool industry, China has successively introduced the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning ", "made in China 2025"national strategic emerging industry development planning, policy and measures, such as from different angles and direction is put forward to develop the high-grade machine tool control and features, and its core for die splitter industry development to create a good policy environment.

2. The adjustment of industrial structure brings new development opportunities

At present, Chinese industrial structure is unreasonable, some industries have serious overcapacity, lack of independent innovation capacity, over-reliance on investment and export, core technologies and brands still need to be strengthened. Chinese die and mould industry is facing major challenges in the new round of adjustment. The upgrading and development of products and production capacity of all walks of life cannot be separated from the support of the machine tool industry. The development of the die splitter industry has a significant impact on the progress of industrial structure adjustment. Similarly, the adjustment process of the industrial structure will also drive the technological upgrading of the die splitter machine tool industry, which will bring huge market demand for the die splitter.

3.Rich upstream and downstream industries and strong market demand

Mold industry and other upstream and downstream industries demand pull the demands of automobile, mold, home appliance manufacturing, national defense industry, aerospace and other industries to increase the investment, which will stimulate the strong market demand for die splitters.

Under the macro background of industrial structure upgrading, die splitter is developing towards the direction of automation, integration and intellectualization. Relying on the development plan of Chinese revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the strong demand of the automotive industry, traditional machinery industry, aerospace industry and other military industry, as well as the high-tech industry represented by information technology and other upstream and downstream industries of the die, the die splitters manufacturing industry will usher in a broader space for development and a good development trend.

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