Die splitter helps for the development of the mold industry

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Our country’s mold industry is deviating from the low-end level, which is the requirement of the external market for our country’s mold industry, and it is also the development willingness of our country’s mold industry. Our mold industry is advancing from the low-end level to the high-end level, and it needs to rely on production equipment. Progress and the support of the high-end mold machine tool industry can make it more stable on the road of developing high-end.

The development and transformation of an industry is inseparable from related branch industries. For the mold industry, die splitter, as a mold auxiliary equipment, conforms to the trend and plays a huge role in promoting the strategic development of the mold industry.

Die splitter helps for the development of the mold industry

How to make mold separation easier and safer is a common problem faced by the majority of mold manufacturers. The application of the die splitters has effectively solved this problem. Die splitter, also called mold separator. The die splitter is an ideal equipment that does not use a crane, it can disassemble the mold by one person, and can safely maintain the mold.

The many advantages of the die splitters are also the reasons why it is favored in the mold manufacturing industry:

1.Safety and environmental protection: In the daily maintenance of the mold, the use of a die splitter to separate and flatten the mold can reduce and avoid the dangers of opening and closing the mold using a crane.

2. Fast and efficient: the die splitter can be used to complete the mold splitting and leveling in a short time, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, improve the speed and precision of the mold repair, reduce the use of copper rods to beat the mold, and protect the mold appearance.

3. Ejector testing function: There is an ejector test function on the die splitter, and the mold can be tested directly on the die splitter instead of the injection molding machine, which reduces unnecessary procedures.

4. Quick mold clamping device: Machine can adopt electro permanent magnetic table whose magnetic force is strong, and the mold can be quickly clamped, and the mold loading and unloading can be completed in a short time.

Chinese mold industry is in a critical period of transition from a low-end industry to a high-end industry. Therefore, our country's mold industry urgently needs high-end mold production machine tools for support. As a high-end machine tool with high practicability and strong operability, the die splitter can significantly improve the efficiency of parting work while ensuring the safety of operators and molds. The die splitter helps mold manufacturers to produce molds in a safer, more efficient and economical way, and helps for the development of the mold industry!

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