Talking about our country's die splitter market

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After years of development in our country's mold industry, the technical level and product quality of molds have been greatly improved, and our country's mold manufacturing industry has ushered in a new round of development opportunities. At the same time, the development of molds is inseparable from the support of machine tools. As auxiliary equipment for molds, the die splitter with the related functions of die spotting press, mold flipper and mold inspection machine, and has leap-forward development.

The die splitter market is divided into manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic types. In the near future, with the further decline of the demographic dividend, the speed of automated time will surely be greatly accelerated. The fully automated die splitters will take the lead in the new round of competition.

Talking about our country's die splitter market

The die splitter is divided by application, which can be divided into mold testing and mold matching model. For technical equipment such as die splitters, the diversification of function integration will conform to the development trend of die splitters to better meet customer needs. A comprehensive multifunctional die splitter will bring new opportunities for the die splitter manufacturers.

The rapid development of the die and mould industry is the internal driving force for the rapid development of the die splitter market. However, many restrictive factors become the stumbling block for the development of the die splitter in China. The restrictive factors mainly include the following aspects:

1. The technical structure of our country is unreasonable, and there is a large gap of die splitter equipment technical level compared to the international level. Chinese die splitter should strengthen the upgrading of technical structure, enhance innovative technology.

2. Die splitter enterprises are small and scattered, lacking of competitive strength and advantages. At present, Chinese die splitters have a small number of manufacturers gone into the country's large enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for more than 90%.

3. The regional structure of the die splitters converges, which fails to reflect the comparative advantage and collaboration benefit. The phenomenon of convergence and assimilation is serious, and the Low Price Competition results in the decline of the economic benefit of the manufacturer.

4. Peer cooperation consciousness is not strong, low price competition is serious, die splitter enterprises should be for win-win cooperation through collaboration, integration and other ways but not make single fight and vicious competition, break the narrow idea of "peers are enemies", through the industry self-discipline to maintain a fair and healthy competition in the die splitters market.

The fierce market competition has brought more and more new equipment, new solutions and new ideas to Chinese enterprises, which has helped China's die splitters industry soar. Chinese die splitters industry should realize the rapid improvement of manufacturing process through technology introduction, digestion and absorption and re-innovation, enhance the professional production capacity of the die splitters of manufacturing enterprises, and win the market.

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