The role of die spotting press in mold fitting is so great!

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With the rapid development of the mold industry, mold fitting has also attracted more and more attention. As early as the last century, developed countries such as the United States and Japan have begun to use die spotting press to replace traditional mold fitting methods. However, our country's understanding of the die spotting press is still very limited, and there are still many mold makers who do not know the die spotting press.

The traditional mold fitting uses a copper rod to vigorously hit the mold surface, which has disadvantages such as loud noise, uneven force during hitting, leaving many marks on the mold surface, and easy to cause industrial accidents when opening the mold. Because the entire mold cannot be uniformly stressed, the effect of printing red lead on the parting surface of the mold is relatively poor, and it is easy to produce a lot of cracks, more glue, less glue, etc. Therefore, repeated mold testing are required to achieve the effect, which invisibly increases the time and labor cost.

The role of die spotting press in mold fitting is so great!

However, these problems will be easily solved if mold fitting are carried out through a die spotting press machine. The die spotting press is a professional mold testing and fitting equipment, which is mainly used to close the upper and lower molds with the required pressure when the mold is developed in the later stage of the mold production. The die spotting press is the safest and most reliable equipment to check the degree of mold cavity and core research and distribution. It can more conveniently match the most suitable position of each part of the mold, check and realize that the closed condition of the mold is more ergonomic.

The SXKH die spotting press has a four-column design and four clamping cylinders, which greatly guarantees the stability and accuracy of mold clamping, and effectively reduces the flash problem. Especially for the mold fitting work of large molds, the use of a die spotting press greatly saves labor, reduces labor intensity, reduces the risk of mold damage, and prolongs the life of the mold.

As the saying goes: "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well". We can see that the die spotting press plays such a big role in the process of mold fitting. Therefore, it has become an industry trend to equip the mold workshop with a die spotting press. The die spotting press will help mold manufacturers to produce molds in a safer, more efficient and economical manner. So, is your mold shop equipped with a die spotting press already?

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