Only by finding problems, can the die spotting press market go further

Release Date: 04/25/2022 Clicks: 574

As the demand for the mold market continues to grow, the market capacity of the die spotting press is also getting larger and larger, maintaining a small, long-term stable growth.

However, although the die spotting press shows a stable and positive trend, the problems in the industry are still more prominent.


die spotting press


1.Backward production and operation

The production and operation concept of the traditional die spotting press factory is relatively backward, lacking of complete production control plan, accurate cost calculation, scientific management system and management concept. Except these, production plan and purchase plan cannot be effectively combined.

2.Tough cost management

The manufacturing technology of die spotting press is changing with each passing day. The most direct impact of technology updates is the increase in costs. The traditional machinery manufacturing management methods are cumbersome and involve multiple links, making it difficult to control cost management.

3.Non-professional quality management

The die spotting press manufacturer has not established healthy quality management system, lacking of quality control ability. Without corresponding preventive measures, a lot of quality costs are incurred.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the transformation of die spotting press manufacturing is also inevitable. However, no matter what the transformation is, the die spotting press manufacturer must first find the problem and solve the problem, because this is the most important ability to make die spotting press products, and the only way to the die spotting press market, and then die spotting press market can go further.

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