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SXKH has been involved in mold & die industry for decades, and we are mainly focused on Die Spotting Press, Milling & Drilling Machine, Mold Flipper, Quick mold change System. SXKH technologies help tool makers work in a safe, efficient and economic way.
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Die spotting press

Die Spotting Press is the most sure and safe way to check the butting of core & ...

Mold Flipper

We have two types of mold flipper, 90 degrees and 180 degrees mold flipper. Now ...

Drilling & Milling Machine

Moldmak CNC Machine, made in Europe, is a type of multifunction process machine,...

Hydraulic Clamps

Quick Mould change saves time and manpower -Create Safe Working

Die spotting press One -way version

High standard of configuration ensures the excellent performance of machine, and...

Trimming Machine

Air-Driven hydraulic pump unit. This is oil supply system of the whole QDCS, whi...

Magnetic Platen For CNC machine

Safety: Magnetic force remain absolutely constant in case of power-off…

Magnetic Platen For IMM

Quick Mould change saves time and manpower -Create Safe Working 

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Break with tradition, safer and faster mold flipper

The mold must be safe during the process of tilting, turning, lifting and strengthening. In actual production, especially for large molds, it is often necessary to tile the mold at a certain angle due...

The role of die spotting press in mold fitting is so great!

With the rapid development of the mold industry, mold fitting has also attracted more and more attention. As early as the last century, developed countries such as the United States and Japan have beg...

The die splitter is coming, do you still separate the mold manually?

For mold manufacturers, efficiency is profit. How to improve the mold production efficiency, how to improve the mold efficient processing and automation is the details that mold manufacturing enterpri...