Company Profile

The headquarters of SXKH Global is located in Ningbo, China, and we are dedicated to providing peripheral equipment of Die & Mold industry to global customers.

Ningbo ShunXingKaiHao (SXKH) Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Ningbo, China, is mainly engaged in designing, producing and selling Die Spotting Press, Mold Flipper, Mold Inspection Machine, Hydraulic Clamps, Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck and so on  . SXKH owns two plants in Ningbo with annual output of 200 sets of die spotting press, which is one of the first domestic manufacturers of die spotting press.

Shanghai SXKH Automation Co., Ltd. Located in Shanghai, China, is mainly engaged in providing import service of High-end equipment from Europe and America to Chinese market including installation and after-sales service. Shanghai SXKH also provides export service of Chinese top-quality equipment to global customers including shipment, installation and after-sales service. EDM spark machine from Shanghai Han Spark, wire cut machine from Shanghai Diwodi are one of our representative products. Except providing peripheral equipment of Die & Mold industry, Shanghai SXKH also provides factory inspection and equipment acceptance services in mainland China for overseas customers.

SXKH Automation India Pvt Ltd. located in New Delhi, India, is responsible for all business in India market of SXKH Industry.

SXKH Industry Limited.  located in Hongkong, China, is mainly engaged in the development of SXKH Industry business and industrial investment.

Ningbo Trans-Artisan Translation Co., Ltd. as an independent language service enterprise under SXKH Global, provides strong multi-language support for Chinese manufacturing enterprises to enter the international market and foreign manufacturing enterprises to enter the Chinese market. Meanwhile, we commit ourselves to providing one-stop translation service for government agencies, enterprises, public institutions and individuals, taking "professional, high-quality and efficient" as our aim.

As a family enterprise, SXKH Global devotes to provide peripheral equipment of Die & Mold industry to every customer with taking“ Honest Centered, Quality First, Independent Innovation and Scientific Development” as guidelines.

Mr. Cai Guangshun set up Shunxing die spotting machine company in Xiashao Industrial Park. We began to design and produce H-frame type die spotting machine.
Mr. Cai Guangshun successfully invented the 1st four-guide pillar type die spotting machine HMG-JM series domestically.
Ningbo ShunXingKaiHao(SXKH)Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Xiaogang Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park.
SXKH began to explore international market and signed strategic cooperating plan with famous local enterprises in Europe, Asia and North America.
SXKH Automation INDIA branch was founded in New Delhi.
Shanghai SXKH Automation Co. Ltd. was set up to provide Export & Import Service for global die & mold industry.