Important factors in the future competition of the tool mover
09 06,2023

From the perspective of industry competition, the mold industry belongs to a large industry, main trade products of China\'s mold import and export can be roughly divided into plastic rubber molds, stamping molds and other molds three categories.

An easy-matching equipment for mold production----tool mover
12 05,2023

In order to better adapt to the rapid development of mold processing automation technology, more and more mold factories began to optimize the way of mold matching and mold trial. The mutual cooperation of processing equipment can not only improve process

We are not only a die spotting press factory supplier, but a one-stop service platform for internat...
11 04,2023

SXKH is committed to mold equipment, and for decades, we have continued to innovate and develop mold equipment technology. We continue to innovate and pursue excellence, leading the development of industry technology.

How to improve the practicality of the tool mover ?
14 03,2023

As an auxiliary equipment for molds, the tool mover is a low-key but highly practical equipment. The practicality of the tool mover is an important symbol to reflect the use value of the tool mover.

In 2023, how should SXKH die spotting press move forward?
17 02,2023

Ningbo SXKH, as a professional R&D manufacturer in the die spotting press industry, has coordinated epidemic prevention and control and safe production and operation in the past year

The Supervisory Board of the Association conducted research in SXKH
19 07,2022

On the morning of July 15, the association organized 16 members of the board of supervisors and relevant member enterprises to form a research group and walked into Ningbo Shunxingkaihao Machinery Co., Ltd. to carry out on-site research.

Only by finding problems, can the die spotting press market go further
25 04,2022

As the demand for the mold market continues to grow, the market capacity of the die spotting press is also getting larger and larger, maintaining a small, long-term stable growth.

Super large die spotting press helps “Integrated die casting development”
25 03,2022

The application and promotion of integrated die casting molding technology is the trend of the times. More and more vehicle and auto parts manufacturers are developing integrated die-casting parts, and the molds of the ultra-large die-casting machines tha

Innovative Technology Selection Event
22 03,2022

After more than 20 years of rapid development, China\'s die casting industry has now entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading

Break with tradition, safer and faster mold flipper
17 11,2021

The mold must be safe during the process of tilting, turning, lifting and strengthening. In actual production, especially for large molds, it is often necessary to tile the mold at a certain angle due to the needs of overhaul and maintenance. This poses a

The role of die spotting press in mold fitting is so great!
08 11,2021

With the rapid development of the mold industry, mold fitting has also attracted more and more attention. As early as the last century, developed countries such as the United States and Japan have begun to use die spotting press to replace traditional mol

The die splitter is coming, do you still separate the mold manually?
10 09,2021

For mold manufacturers, efficiency is profit. How to improve the mold production efficiency, how to improve the mold efficient processing and automation is the details that mold manufacturing enterprises should considered.

What are the benefits of the Mold Flipper for you?
09 08,2021

What is mold flipper? Even if you have never used a mold flipper before in your facility, you may have heard of this equipment in the mold industry.

SXKH die spotting press makes mold manufacturers more competitive
31 07,2021

The rapid development of consumer products requires continuous improvement in its performance, cost and appearance. This is a huge challenge for mold manufacturers to provide efficient and highly competitive manufacturing solutions.

A safe mold turning solution- tool mover
27 07,2021

As we all know, in the mold workshop, mold masters often carry, flip, and change different molds. However, the traditional manual handling and turning methods are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also easy to damage the mold if the operati

Why tool mover is necessary for mold maker?
19 07,2021

Karl Heinrich Marx said as early as 100 years ago that equipment is the bones, muscles and blood vessels of a factory.

Talking about our country's die splitter market
13 07,2021

After years of development in our country\\\'s mold industry, the technical level and product quality of molds have been greatly improved, and our country\\\'s mold manufacturing industry has ushered in a new round of development opportunities.

Die splitter helps for the development of the mold industry
05 07,2021

For the mold industry, die splitter, as a mold auxiliary equipment, conforms to the trend and plays a huge role in promoting the strategic development of the mold industry.

The Importance of Die Splitter to Mold & Die Manufacturing Enterprises
28 06,2021

Experts in the mold industry pointed out that the level and ability of mold manufacturing has become an important symbol of the country\\\'s innovation ability. The excellent mold manufacturing equipment is directly related to the level of the mold techno

Good mold separation starts from the die splitter
24 06,2021

With the continuous development of industrial automation and intelligence, the automation and intelligence level of presses and molds is getting higher and higher. This puts higher requirements on mold manufacturing and maintenance.

The development trend of die splitter
18 06,2021

Mold is known as the mother of industry. China\\\'s die and mould industry has also entered a period of rapid development, die splitter, just like the die spotting press, mold flipper, as the auxiliary equipment of mold manufacturing

How to choose a die splitter?
08 06,2021

Choosing a good quality die splitter equipment will greatly create efficiency and reduce costs for the company in terms of production cost, work efficiency, maintenance, and product quality. Then how to choose a die splitter suiting us?

Application of die splitter in mold processing
01 06,2021

Under the new form of rapid economic development,the mold industry is developing rapidly. The development of die splitter has brought great safety and convenience to mold manufacturing.

The characteristics of tool mover
24 05,2021

As a professional manufacturer of tool mover, die spotting press machines and other auxiliary mold equipment, today we will talk about the characteristics of tool movers.

The sophisticated equipment that a mold maker must know---DIE SPLITTER
20 05,2021

With the rapid development of mold manufacturing technology, the requirements for mold production efficiency and quality are getting higher and higher, which exert higher requirements on machine tool technology.

Function and working principle of the tool mover
18 05,2021

Mold turning machine is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for large mold maintenance and vertical die spotting press machine. It is widely used in mold manufacturing industry and injection molding and die casting industries.

Essential Turning Device in Your Mold & Tools Mover
12 05,2021

As we all know we usually need to tilt mold firstly before maintaining the mold. However, handling and turning mold by manual will result in damage to the tools and injuries to the operators if not effectively turned.

Why is a tool mover needed when handling of injection mold?
28 04,2021

The tool mover is a manipulation a device for the safe and effective handling of injection molds. It can be used for the safe turning and tilting of heavy plastic injection molds.

What should everyone pay attention to when purchasing a tool mover?
25 04,2021

A tool mover is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for medium and large mold turning work, and it is also an ideal equipment for large mold repair.

What’s the reason of the prosperity of tool mover in the mold industry?
08 04,2021

With the rapid development of the mold industry, molds from several tons to dozens of tons are very common. The development of large molds puts forward higher requirements for manufacturing mold equipment.

Do you want to make mold turning easier and safer?
02 04,2021

In the mold production process, the traditional mold tilting method may cause accidental danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece, endangering the personal safety of the operator, and damaging lifting equipment.

Hydraulic clamps are widely favored in mold manufacturing industry
31 03,2021

Mold manufacturing industry has been unremitting efforts to innovate. Meanwhile, they are striving to maintain processing quality while improving productivity.

SXKH Hydraulic Clamps --Create value and benefit for customers
26 03,2021

Hydraulic clamp is to use hydraulic components instead of mechanical parts, with large clamping force, clamping reliable, stable work, easy to use and other advantages

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck has gradually become the standard equipment in the processing indus...
23 03,2021

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck, as the upgrade product of electromagnetic chuck and permanent magnet chuck, has become the standard configuration of high-end machine tools.

Mold and machine tool market with prosperous production and demand
17 03,2021

Mold has always been known as the mother of industry, the main global mold production countries have accelerated the pace of overseas expansion.

Why growing die manufacturers introduce die spotting press machine to their facilities?
15 03,2021

Global mold market is developing fast, especially driven by the automotive manufacturing industry and IT manufacturing industry, the development of the mold demand and grade is becoming higher and higher.

The introduction of quick mold change system has become the development trend of mold manufacturing ...
12 03,2021

As is known to all, the traditional mold change method has many disadvantages, however, quick mold change system brings a lot of convenience to the mold industry.

A Necessary Machine Tool for Mold Production
10 03,2021

It’s no doubt that the booming developing of die spotting press cannot be divorced from the prosperity of mold industry, either higher requirements in mold precision or production proficiency.

The classification and disadvantages of injection molding machine
08 03,2021

The injection molding machine can be divided into mechanical type, hydraulic type and hydraulic mechanical type according to the different clamping mechanism.

An Optimal Tool for Mold Tilting
03 03,2021

Since the high efficiency, cost-saving demands has exploded with the high-speed development of mold manufacturing technology,

The significance of Die Splitter
01 03,2021

The die splitter, also called die separator, is an innovative, versatile and efficient solution for splitting, cleaning, fitting, maintenance of press dies.

The requirements of mold technology for machine tools
26 02,2021

With the acceleration of the upgrading of consumer products, mold technology is also constantly developing, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the production efficiency and manufacturing quality of mold.

A Powerful Helper for Heavy Mold Tilting and Mold Maintenance
25 02,2021

In the traditional way, mold tilting is conduct via artificial method through crane, forklift etc. They are risky, time-consuming and inefficient. Compared with manual mold turnover method, mold flipper is much better in efficiency, cost-efficient functio

The critical moment of injection mold – Fitting Mold
23 02,2021

In the mold processing, after the parts are processed, the mold master will finish parts assembly, it includes cavity and core, slide and lifter, insert pin, blade pin and spring etc.

Method of Mold Inspection
03 02,2021

Mold inspection is one of the most parts of mold production. Generally, small and medium-sized molds need one to three times of mold testing, and large and medium-sized molds need three to five times.

The Solution of Mold Flash
01 02,2021

What‘s the causes of mold flashes?There are four main reasons.

The mold industry needs high-end mold production machine tools to support it
27 01,2021

The development and transformation of an industry cannot be separated from the relevant branch industries. The mold production machine tools play a great role in mold industry.

SXKH DIE SPOTTING PRESS acquired Zhe Jiang Made Certification
25 01,2021

SXKH Industry has been in designing and producing Die spotting press over 18 years. Nowadays, SXKH is one of the most professional die spotting press manufacturers.

Safe Practices of Die Spotting Press
21 01,2021

More and more Tool & Die maker realized the importance of die spotting press in improving the mold quality, enhancing working efficiency, saving production cost.

SXKH Mold Inspection Machine won bronze medal in the 24th NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF INVENTIONS
19 01,2021

SXKH is world leading machine manufacturer in Mold & Die industry, main products include Die spotting press, Mold turnover machine, Mold inspection machine, Hydraulic Die clamps

A good product, coupled with good after-sales service, itself is best marketing strategy
15 01,2021

SXKH has been designing and manufacturing peripheral machines of Die & Mold industry to global customer over 18 years.

SXKH Die Spotting Press | Bolster Rotary and Tilting Function Introduction
12 01,2021

Bolster Rotary Function: With the booming development of Die & Mold industry, choosing composite mold & die for manufacturing composite products are the trend now.

Die spotting press workflow diagram
08 01,2021

SXKH has one way and two way, two type die spotting press for choosing. Users can customize die spotting press according to their demands. Below workflow diagram will give you a brief introduction for you to better understand how die spotting press works.

Important steps of mold overhaul
04 01,2021

The annual maintenance procedure required for each injection molding position of the mold depends on the different mold cycles. The following are some tips for the maintenance of mold parts, which can be used by each mold user to ensure the effective oper

What is die spotting press?
30 12,2020

A die spotting press is a precision machine tool used in the production and verification of moulds and dies.

Ten factors that influence mold quality
28 12,2020

The mold manufacturing process is a complex process, from the design, processing, assembly, debugging and other steps, finally can be really put into use, in the whole life cycle, the factors affecting the quality of the mold mainly have the following ten

Pull together in times of trouble
10 12,2020

Almost any situation,good or bad,is affected by the attitude we bring to.

The quality is the foundation of future development
25 11,2020

Even a heavy pig can fly, if it stands at the right draught. which fully demonstrate the importance of choice. Everyone is looking for the draught, hoping to fly to the sky against the wind without considering whether he is the correct pig.

Time is unceasing train
01 09,2020

Time, just like an unceasing train, never coming to stagnation because of unexpected epidemic.

Installation Of Die Spotting Press With Truck Crane
04 04,2020

In the installation process of Die Spotting Press, there are high requirements on the installation height.

【SXKH North America Business trip: Deepen technology exchanges and cooperation Promote business ...
17 05,2019

SXKH has over ten years history in researching and developing professional equipment Die Spotting Press.

09 01,2019

Precision Molder Coupling Machine - Customer Scene
05 02,2016

Foreign customers:Portugal 300T Molding Machine/India 200T molding machine

Tips: Ningbo Shunxing Kaihao Vacation Notice
05 02,2016

Shunxing Kaihao Spring Festival Duty Arrangement:

Congratulations to SXKH for winning excellent mold forming equipment
13 12,2016

On December 6, 2016, the Eighth Member Congress of the China Die and Mould Industry Association and the Industry Optimization Forum for the Die and Mould Industry in 2016 were held in Ningbo City. More than 300 members from all over the country attended t

SXKH Company was awarded
13 12,2016

SXKH Company was awarded \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Outstanding Die Forming Equipment Supplier\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Have friends come from afar, enjoying themselves - warmly welcome Indian customers to visit SXKH
02 08,2017

Since its long history, ShunHing KaiKao has adhered to the business philosophy of “Honesty, quality first, independent innovation, and scientific development” and has been doing a good job in the production, sales and service of products. With the joint e

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