Safe Practices of Die Spotting Press

Release Date: 01/21/2021 Clicks: 987

With the high speed of the development of the global mold industry, traditional mold tryout and maintenance methods can no longer satisfy the quickly responding requirement of the market. More and more Tool & Die maker realized the importance of die spotting press in improving the mold quality, enhancing working efficiency, saving production cost.

Die spotting press is optimal equipment for mold maker to improve the production efficiency and product quality of the mold, prolong the life of the mold, shorten the production cycle of the mold, and ensure the safety of the mold production.

Although it is not so difficult to operate die spotting press, we still need to learn some operating notices for better protecting users’safety and improving machine working efficiency. Below is some safety operation tips when you use die spotting press.

1. All molds must be placed in the center of the bolster and slider, and gloves should be worn to prevent scalding.

2. Do not forget to clamp mold tightly before mold opening to prevent it from falling to the ground.

3. Adjust the clamping force according to the die size and the specified unit pressure.

4. Keep in mind that no impurity such as scrap iron and cloth waste is allowed in the mating face between upper worktable and middle seat and lower worktable.

5. Periodically check all parts of die spotting press to ensure they work properly.

6. When the machine is left unused for a long time, perform slight servicing works for the machine and apply rust inhibitor on the form board and track.

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