SXKH die spotting press makes mold manufacturers more competitive

Release Date: 07/31/2021 Clicks: 2919

The rapid development of consumer products requires continuous improvement in its performance, cost and appearance. This is a huge challenge for mold manufacturers to provide efficient and highly competitive manufacturing solutions. Different customers have different requirements for molds, but they all have the same criteria for eventual outcome of mold fitting, high-precision mold matching without no flash.

As a professional manufacturer of mold auxiliary equipment, SXKH provides important mold equipment for mold manufacturers. SXKH four-column mold die spotting press provides a professional solution for mold manufacturers to achieve rapid and accurate mold checking and repairing.


The die spotting press is a professional mold assembly, check and tryout out equipment, which is mainly used to close the upper and lower molds with the required pressure when the mold is developed in the later stage of the mold production. SXKH die spotting press has its unique advantages:

1. Four-column design:

SXKH's unique four-column design adopts four clamping cylinders, which greatly guarantees the stability and accuracy of mold clamping, and effectively reduces the flash problem.

2. Can be equipped with electric permanent magnetic chuck and hydraulic clamps:

The mold fitting and repairing work of large molds is not only a time-consuming and labor-intensive work, but also a dangerous work. The SXKH die spotting press is equipped with a quick mold change system, which effectively improves the mold change efficiency, greatly saves labor, reduces labor intensity, reduces the risk of mold damage, and extends the life of the mold.

3. PLC control system:

SXKH has more than ten years of experience in applying PLC control systems to die spotting press machines. The new version of S7-200smart Siemens control system is the standard configuration of SXKH die spotting press. This system can monitor the operation of the die spotting press through the PLC computer, which greatly improves the controllable factors in the working process of the die spotting press and reduces unfavorable factors.

4. The parallelism checking system of electronic moving base

There are four encoders on each corner of moving base. The Siemens PLC touch screen can continuously display the working status of the four encoders. The checking system protects the mold from damage when the employee leaves the tool inside the mold cavity and core.

In addition to the above advantages, SXKH die spotting press has many other advantages, for example, the operation and maintenance are highly humanized, the servo system and hydraulic clamps can be optional, etc. It is helpful to improve the precision and production efficiency of finished mold parts, so that mold manufacturers can easily improve the mold capacity to reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle, and enhance the core competitiveness.

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