Good mold separation starts from the die splitter

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With the continuous development of industrial automation and intelligence, the automation and intelligence level of presses and molds is getting higher and higher. This puts higher requirements on mold manufacturing and maintenance. Before mold tryout and maintenance, the upper and lower molds need to be separated first. Then the upper and lower molds need to be repaired, cleaned and maintained respectively. In traditional industries, manual mold separation is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job, and it can cause mold damage easily when separating with tools. The use of a die splitter can significantly improve the efficiency of mold separating, while ensuring the safety of operators and molds.

Die splitter also called mold separator. The die splitter is an ideal equipment that can safely maintain the mold without using a crane. Even one person can separate the mold in an easy and fast way.

Good mold separation starts from the die splitter

SXKH is a leading equipment manufacturer in mold manufacturing industry, injection moulding industry and die casting industry. Specializing in the production of die spotting press machines, mold flippers , electro-permanent magnetic chuck and other mold auxiliary equipment,SXKH has won the title of excellent molding equipment supplier and their machine are prevailing around the world now. SXKH brand die splitter has the following characteristics:

1. Compared with the traditional die splitters, it is faster to replace and separate molds. It is equipped with a quick mold change system. It uses an electric permanent magnet chuck to fix the mold. It has the characteristics of strong magnetic force and continuous magnetization when power is turned off. It is convenient safe and reliable to operate.

2. It is convenient and quick to detect the mold, and its two platens can be turned up 90 degrees.

3. It has the function of testing ejector pin, which can test the whole production action on the die splitter.

4. Die splitter has the function of low pressure die protection to prevent the damage of small collision and penetration, and the damage to the die in the process of die separation.

5.Adopt Siemens servo motor control system to ensure effective and reliable roll-over and lifting action.

6. Synchronize the motor and lead screw on the left and right sides of the die splitter to ensure the horizontal and vertical precision of the die splitters, so as to ensure the mold opening and closing precision.

In short, die splitters, in the separation and replacement of the mold, can greatly save manpower and time, improve the production cost of enterprises, improve production efficiency and enterprise capacity. SXKH brand die splitters look forward to your favor, we will provide one-stop service, let you have no hassles, no problems, no worries!

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