The Solution of Mold Flash

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What‘s the causes of mold flashes?There are four main reasons.

1. The parting line surface does not match slide surface;

2. Injection pressure is too high;

3. Offset of injection machine;

4. Insufficient clamping force.

The parting line surface ,slide mating surface,demoulding pin, spacer and other parts of mold constitute mold’s gaps between grooves. The loss of material becomes flash. The flash is wedge block and a tendency to grow larger. To eliminate the flash of the product follows the principle to repair the mold. The temperature of the cylinder should be lowered if the flash appears temporarily due to the bad setting of forming conditions, reduce mold temperature.

The Solution of Mold Flash

What’s the solution of Mold Flash?

1. Emergency method: Reduce the injection pressure, reduce the temperature of the heating cylinder and reduce the injection speed;

2.Short-term method: grind the mold surface with flash ;

3.Long-term method: Using professional machine-Die inspection machine

Die spotting machine can effectively improve mold quality and solve the problem of mold flash. It is a professional device of mold butting and test, and mainly used for butting of upper and lower mold in later stage of mold production. It allows you to conveniently match all the parts of the mold in more comfortable position. Check and finish the die at one place in more ergonomic position.

SXKH industry specializes in high precision four pillar type die spotting press for years. Their main product includes die spotting machine, mold flipper, mold inspection machine, die splitter, hydraulic clamper, electro permanent magnetic chuck, etc, SXKH has helped many mold makers around the world to solve low precision of mold, high cost and complexity of mold tryout, dangerous mold’s handling way and time-consuming problem in their mold facilities. With high quality, good performance and superior service, SXKH has served different type of mold maker from over 30 countries and are gaining increasing trust and attention from more and more potential customers.

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