The sophisticated equipment that a mold maker must know---DIE SPLITTER

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With the rapid development of mold manufacturing technology, the requirements for mold production efficiency and quality are getting higher and higher, which exert higher requirements on machine tool technology. Sophisticated equipment has become an indispensable tool for manufacturing high-quality molds. The die splitter machine, as a "sophisticated equipment" for mold manufacturing, has gradually become an indispensable tool for mold manufacturers.

What is die splitter?

The DIE SPLITTER, also known as MOULD SEPARATOR, is an ideal device for safe maintenance of dies and tools without using crane, forklift. One man can split a die in a safe way instead.

The sophisticated equipment  that a mold maker must know---DIE SPLITTER

What are the advantages of die splitters?

1. Save production costs: test the mechanical operation of the die without using expensive traditional presses.

2. Save labor costs and reduce labor intensity: no need to use a jack or bridge crane, only one operator can open and disassemble the two parts of the mold.

3. Efficient and safe: fast turnover, in the case of complete safety, the mold can be quickly disassembled and flipped within 2 minutes, will not cause harm to workers.

4. Increased safety: the die splitter can effectively reduce the potential danger to the operator due to the use of the crane, reducing the possible damage to the mold.

5. Strong practicability: it is not only used for mold split, but also can bring more convenience when the mold is maintained.

6. Simple and convenient: easy to operate and maintain.

It is precisely because of these advantages of the die splitter that the die splitters are increasingly used in maintenance workshops such as metal stamping molds and injection molds etc.. Die Splitter has become the "sophisticated equipment" that mold makers must know.

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