Important factors in the future competition of the tool mover

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Important factors in the future competition of the tool mover

From the perspective of industry competition, the mold industry belongs to a large industry, main trade products of China's mold import and export can be roughly divided into plastic rubber molds, stamping molds and other molds three categories.

Although tool movers were originally introduced as auxiliary equipment, they are now indispensable machines for mold making.The tool mover plays a very important role in mold manufacturing. With its advantages of low investment, high efficiency, safety and labor-saving, tool mover is all over the mold factories at home and abroad.

From the current development of the tool mover, the future competitive factors of the tool mover are as follows:

1. The variety of tool mover is relatively single, tool mover enterprises should strengthen independent technology research and development and production process innovation, improve the level of automation, improve stability, compete with international manufacturers in the high-end market in an all-round way, and constantly realize the import substitution of high-end products.

2.In the future, the tool mover will improve the ability of new technology integration , software and hardware integration in the production and design process, and promote the development of production and manufacturing in the direction of automation and intelligence. On the basis of the existing technical level and manufacturing capabilities, the tool mover industry is gradually realizing the upgrading of efficiency, automation and intelligence, and comprehensively improving product design capabilities and production process control capabilities.

3. The tool mover industry should deeply understand the product characteristics and customer needs, facing the customer and market demand, and carrying out synchronous R&D, design, production and manufacturing capabilities have gradually become an important indicator to measure the market competitiveness of tool mover enterprises.

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