Application of die splitter in mold processing

Release Date: 06/01/2021 Clicks: 1160

Under the new form of rapid economic development,the mold industry is developing rapidly. The development of die splitter has brought great safety and convenience to mold manufacturing. It has provided a safe and effective mold separation method to make mold separation easy. The technical requirements for workers are reduced, and a person can open the mold without crane. Production efficiency has been greatly improved, and mold maintenance has become simple and effective.

China's mold industry is in a critical period of transition from a low-end industry to a high-end industry. Therefore, our country's mold industry urgently needs the support of high-end mold production machine tools. In recent years, die splitter has established itself as an alternative to the traditional method of manual mold opening.

Die splitters are increasingly applied to the assembly, oping, debugging and maintenance of various hardware molds, and have become an indispensable tool in mold processing. Especially in the processing of large molds, the die splitter plays a very important role.

In the mold processing equipment, the die splitter is an efficient automatic machine tool, without a crane, one person can easily complete mold opening work, it can better prevent and reduce the potential dangers caused by manual mold opening during the mold processing. The die splitter has the mold tilting function, and the mold worktable can be turned over to facilitate the inspection of the mold. In mold maintenance, the die splitter effectively reduces the cost and time of mold maintenance. The die splitter can be equipped with an electro-permanent magnet chuck, which greatly reduces the time of mold change, improves the yield rate and reduces the loss.

Die splitters are very beneficial to mold processing. It is fully in line with the development direction of modern mold manufacturing technology of "high efficiency, high precision and high automation". With the development and popularization of microcomputer, automatic control and electronics technology, the technology of die splitter is also continuously improving and developing rapidly, and showing a broader prospect.

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