An easy-matching equipment for mold production----tool mover

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In order to better adapt to the rapid development of mold processing automation technology, more and more mold factories began to optimize the way of mold matching and mold trial. The mutual cooperation of processing equipment can not only improve processing efficiency, but also save investment costs.

When it comes to mold production equipment, the tool mover is definitely worth mentioning, as a small body, great effect equipment, it plays a pivotal role.

The tool mover has the characteristics of less investment, high efficiency, small footprint, automatic control, reducing labor danger, and greatly improving the efficiency of mold change, and has been favored by more and more mold factories.

Most importantly, the tool mover can be flexibly used with other equipment to improve work efficiency.

An easy-matching equipment for mold production----tool mover

Some mold factories use mechanical presses with tool mover. 1 press can be combined with 2 tool movers or 4 tool movers, the tool mover can turn the upper mold 180 degrees, the mold operator can lower his head to operate, easy polishing, labor intensity is greatly reduced. This combination is suitable for the research, debugging and testing of large and medium-sized molds in the process of manufacturing and maintenance.

Some mold factories use die spotting press in combination with tool mover. The die spotting press has the functions of mold fitting and matching, mold repair and mold trial, and when used with the tool mover, the equipment efficiency is also greatly improved , because it reduces the time of repeated mold loading and unloading. Used with the tool mover, under the same investment scale conditions, the production capacity is increased by more than 3 times.

With the tool mover for operation, under the same workload conditions, the same amount of work can be completed with less equipment investment cost. With the flexible matching of various mold matching ,mold repair and mold testing equipment, the tool mover deserves the title of the king of matching.

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