Break with tradition, safer and faster mold flipper

Release Date: 11/17/2021 Clicks: 566

The mold must be safe during the process of tilting, turning, lifting and strengthening. In actual production, especially for large molds, it is often necessary to tile the mold at a certain angle due to the needs of overhaul and maintenance. This poses a high potential safety hazard on site and is inconvenient to operate.

According to market demand, mold flipper has appeared, which greatly solves the turning needs of our customers, and it is safer and faster in mold turnover process compared with tradition method.

Break with tradition, safer and faster mold flipper

Now let’s talk about the working principle of the mold flipper. The mold flipper adopts an electromagnetic brake-brake motor with a chain to realize the turning of the worktable, so as to achieve the purpose of turning the mold. The worktable is made of 25mm thick steel plate to ensure the ability of the table to bear the mold. The surface is equipped with a wear-resistant PP plate to protect the mold surface, reducing the damage of the mold to the working table, and prolonging the life of the mold flipper. The mold flipper does not need foundation, adjusted by anti-vibration mounts. It is safe and reliable with automatic locking function when the power is cut off.

Nowadays, mold flippers are widely used in the mold industry and die-casting and injection molding industries. It has been an indispensable auxiliary equipment for large mold maintenance and vertical die spotting press machine.

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