We are not only a die spotting press factory supplier, but a one-stop service platform for international trade!

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SXKH is committed to mold equipment, and for decades, we have continued to innovate and develop mold equipment technology. We continue to innovate and pursue excellence, leading the development of industry technology.

Deeply implanting the market and deep demand exploitation, we develop from die spotting press, tool mover to mold splitter and trimming machine and so on.Our die spotting machines can meet the customized needs of different customers from mini 30T clamping machine to ultra-large 1000T equipment, and we are committed to providing customers with innovative and efficient solutions.

SXKH die spotting press

Global layout: We have agents and after-sales service teams in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Through an international, diverse and cross-cultural team, SXKH combines technology with local applications to quickly respond to the needs of customers around the world.

SXKH die spotting press

As the world's leading supplier of tooling equipment, we combine global experience and proven processes in purchasing, production and logistics with local applications.

We will provide our customers:

Professional pre-sales service: provide professional advice for customers to purchase suitable equipment;

Professional transportation solutions: Provide door to door professional transportation solutions to overseas customers, as well as suggestions for dismantling goods after the equipment arrives at the customer's factory;

Professional after-sales team: With our global after-sales technical support network, we provide customers with installation and post-sales technical support as soon as possible.

SXKH die spotting press

SXKH is a choice that not only a equipment supplier, but also a partner who can provide you with one-stop mold equipment solutions for the whole stage from equipment procurement to operation, efficient and worry-free!

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