HMG-JM Series

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  • Four Column design
  • Four Hydraulic Cylinders
  • One-touch Operation
  • Considerable Clamping Force
  • Outstanding Precision
  • Good Ergonomics
  • Parallelism Measuring Function
  Max. Clamping Force(Kn) Platen Dimension(mm) Max. Load Capacity on Lower Platen (T)
HMG-70JM1008 700 1000*800 4
HMG-120JM1411 1200 1400*1100 8
HMG-160JM1613 1600 1600*1300 16
HMG-200JM1815 2000 1800*1500 20
HMG-280JM2016 2800 2000*1600 25
HMG-320JM2218 3200 2200*1800 36
HMG-350JM2520 3500 2500*2000 42
HMG-400JM3020 4000 3000*2000 50
HMG-500JM3020 5000 3000*2000 60
HMG-500JM3025 5000 3000*2500 60
HMG-600JM3525 5000/6000 3500*2500 70
HMG-600JM4025 6000 4000*2500 80
HMG-600JM4030 6000 4000*3000 90
HMG-800JM4235 8000 4200*3500 160
HMG-1000JM5042 10000 5000*4200 210
HMG-1200JM6548 12000 6500*4800 300

*Max. clamping force and platen dimension can be customized

  • Standard left side

  • Optional right side

  • Standard one way

  • Optional opposite way

Why Die Spotting Press

It allows you to conveniently match all the parts of the mould in more comfortable position. Check and finish the die at one place in more ergonomic position.

No more dangerous ways (such as cranes and forklift trucks) to handle the molds.

No more spotting on injection molding machines, which are costly and difficult to access.

Optimal accessibility and ergonomics by means of swiveling and tilting plates.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

High Flexibility.

Considerable reduction of correction grinding through reproducibility.

Trials of hydraulic slides, auxiliary cylinders and ejectors can also be done in single operation.

  • Rotary Table

    Lower Platen has rotary function from 0° to 120° to 240° or 0° to 180°. This function is mainly used for the tryout of two-color and three-color molds.

    Machine can be equipped with electric permanent magnet chuck to furtherly ensure the precision of multi-color molds and improve the mold tryout efficiency.

  • The lower platen can be tilted both front and back by 70°

    SXKH two way type die spotting press has the optional function of 70° tilting front and back, for the lower platen.

    This function enables lower platen to tilt by 70° once lower platen move out. Thus operator can repair mold without bend down, which greatly eases the lumbar muscle strain injury of operators.

  • Siemens PLC System

    SXKH has more than 10 years’ experience to use PLC system in Die spotting press. We use new S7-1200 Version as the standard configuration of the Press.

    *Equipped with the PLC system

    *Remote control module is optional

    *Control and monitor press

    *All the parameters can be settled and saved

    *Memory function available-Mold database

    *A wide variety of signal modules for input and output

  • Hydraulic Servo System:(Optional)

    *Servo System provide more economy way to operate Spotting press(60% energy saving. Provide much better stable holding force.

    *Provide much better stable holding force.

  • Pneumatic-Mechanical Locks for Moving Base: (Optional)

    *Two safety locks ensure the upper platen can be locked at any position when upper platen goes up or down. This is a mandatory device specified by EC rules.

  • Electronic Moving Base Parallelism Checking System:(Optional)

    There are four encoders at each tie bar to measure parallelism in real time. The touch screen shows the state of encoders working continuously. With the low pressure mold protection function, the mold can be prevented damage in the case of improper operation by employees.

  • QDC-Quick Die Change System (Optional)

    We will provide additional two way to reduce mold clamping time.

    *Electricity permanent magnetic working table.

    *Hydraulic clampers.

Down Load Catalogue(PDF)