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  • Electrical motor driven
  • Make the mold & die reverse at 90 degree
  • Fast and convenient overturning process
  • Double rails and bush roller chain ensure stable revolving
  • Travel switch limit rotation bracket on the 90 degree position
  • Electric cabinet &moveable operation panel and button
  • Easy operation
  Overturn Capacity( KN) Table Size(mm) Table Height(mm) H1
FMG-5T 50 1200*1200 580
FMG-10T 100 1400*1400 680
FMG-15T 150 1700*1700 780
FMG-20T 200 2000*2000 930
FMG-30T 300 2000*2000 950
FMG-50T 500 2500*2500 1160

Now turning the large dies / moulds is safer and quicker. When any die / mould used in horizontal Injection moulding or Die Casting Machine is to be opened for maintenance, it requires to be turned 90 degree first. Smaller moulds are easier to turn 90 degree however when moulds are very big and heavy, it’s a very risky, time taking and laborious job. We have two solutions for this – 90 degree turn Table and 180 degree Mould Flipper.


Electrical motor driven.

Economical and free maintenance.

Less space demand.

More than 10 years’ experience in researching and producing mold flipper.



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