HMG-H-Frame Series

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  • 60+ Years Traditional Style
  • Economical & stable
  • Low pressure mold protection function
  • Considerable clamping Force
  • Outstanding precision
  • Good ergonomics
  Max. Clamping Force(Kn) Platen Dimension(mm) Max. Load Capacity on Lower Platen (T)
HMH-60BA1 600 900*600 3
HMG-100A 1000 1400*1100 8
HMG-160A 1600 1600*1300 16
HMG-200A 2000 1800*1500 20
HMG-300A 3000 2000*1700 30
HMG-350A 3500 2600*1800 40
HMG-400A 4000 3000*2000 45
HMG-500A 5000 3100*2100 60
HMG-600A 6000 4000*2500 80

*Max. clamping force and platen dimension can be customized Replica Watches

Why Die Spotting Press

It allows you to conveniently match all the parts of the mould in more comfortable position. Check and finish the die at one place in more ergonomic position.

No more dangerous ways (such as cranes and forklift trucks) to handle the molds.

No more spotting on injection molding machines, which are costly and difficult to access.

Optimal accessibility and ergonomics by means of swiveling and tilting plates.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

High Flexibility.

Considerable reduction of correction grinding through reproducibility.

Trials of hydraulic slides, auxiliary cylinders and ejectors can also be done in single operation.




Down Load Catalogue(PDF)