TMG Series

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  • Quick die change system on both platen
  • Mold can be tilted by 90 degrees
  • Mold hydraulic system testing
  • Mold ejector testing
  • Mold water cooling system testing
  • Siemens PLC control system
  Platen Dimension(mm) Clamping Force (KN) Max. Opening Stroke(mm) Max.Overturn Capacity(KN)
TMG1008 1000×800 55 700 40
TMG1518 1500×1800 100 2000 90
TMG2120 2100×2000 100 3000 130

How have you maintained the molds in your injection molding plant?
In the traditional way, we had to tilt the molds manually by crane or mold reversible machine for mold inspection and repairing. Now, we provide a simple and safe solution to maintain the molds. SXKH Mold Inspection Machine is a type of the multifunctional and convenient mold inspection machine. Our Die trying machine can be equipped with Electro-permanent magnetic chuck, which can easily control the mold titling and place so precisely.



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