TMG-S Series

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  • During the Die & Mold assembly process
  • Pre-delivery
  • Mold & die hydraulic system testing
  • Mold & die ejector pin testing
  • Mold water cooling system testing
Model Unit TMG-S
Power KW 13.75
Hydraulic circuits for core tests Set 6+2
Connect type   3HP/3HS
Pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 14
Pressure of water system Mpa 5.5
Limited switches Sets 6
Dimension mm 1600*900*1200
Why Mold Inspection Machine

Improving mold quality.

Indispensable assistant for Mold & Die manufacturer.

Increase productivity.

All the parameters can be set on the Siemens PLC, such as pressure, timing, speed and flux




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