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Type of Quick Die Change Cart
  • Single Mold on Fixed Cart

    Fixed Die Change Cart is the most basic die change platform and are widely applicable for the plastic industry plant. Because it has characters of less space demand, lower cost and little use limitation. Fixed Die Change Cart can be used for single injection machine, also used between two injection machines. There are two ways for transmission, one is wheel drive and another is special industrial chain. 

  • Double Molds on Moving Cart

    A moving double station die change cart can simultaneously complete the job for die change of injection machines placed side by side. Also if equipped with the ancillary products such as clamping thermostat and mechanical operated arm and so on, the die change time can be shortened at the greatest extent. And the next pair of dies can be placed in advance on the second platform in advance.

  • Movable Die Change Cart

    The movable die change cart is applied to production environment without crane. It is driven by storage battery.

    Customized double platform or single platform is applicable to vertical and horizontal hydraulic press.

Why Quick Die Change Cart

Traditional Die Change System VS Quick Die Change Cart



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