HMG-XS Series

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  • Ultra-low machine height
  • Suit for small size precision mold
  • Equipped with electro permanent magnetic chuck
  • Full close-loop servo system
  • Additional mold clamping booster device (patented product)
  • Ergonomic design to ease the lumbar muscle strain
  • Real-time display and adjust machine parallelism
  Max. Clamping Force(Kn) Platen Dimension(mm) Max. Load Capacity on Lower Platen (T) Machine Dimension LWH (mm)
HMG-30XS0706 300 700*600 2.5 1720*2330*2060
HMG-30XS1008 300 1000*800 4 2270*2650*2280
HMG-50XS1310 500 1300*1000 7 2760*3200*2630
HMG-70XS1510 700 1500*1000 8 2760*3500*2630
Why SXKH XS Die Spotting Press

Ultra-low machine height, solve the height restriction problem of traditional die spotting press.

Small worktable size, suitable for small size precision mold.

Equipped with electro permanent magnetic chuck.

Full close-loop servo system, conveniently adjust machine precision whenever necessary.

Additional mold clamping booster device (patented product).

Ergonomic design to ease the lumbar muscle strain of operator.

Parallelism real-time measuring function.

  • Siemens PLC System

    SXKH has more than 10 years’ experience to use PLC system in Die spotting press. We use new S7-1200 Version as the standard configuration of the Press.

    *Equipped with the PLC system

    *Remote control module is optional

    *Control and monitor press

    *All the parameters can be settled and saved

    *Memory function available-Mold database

    *A wide variety of signal modules for input and output

  • The upper platen can be rotated up to 360°. Optimal accessibility and ergonomics by mean of rotating and tilting platens.

  • The lower platen can be turned up to 70°. Operator can proceed mold tryout without bending down to prevent them from Lumbar muscle strain.

  • Full close-loop servo system

    *Servo System provide a more energy-efficient and higher precision way to operate Spotting press.

    * Full close-loop servo system to real-time display and adjust machine precision.

  • Electro permanent magnetic chuck


Down Load Catalogue(PDF)